Thursday, November 20, 2014

Meme Summarization

This post will share a meme I created that summarizes the main idea from my meme samples that I chose:

Numerous memes are uploaded to the Atheist Meme Facebook page weekly. The page has a wide variety of topics that it addresses, but one common thread I focused one within each of my samples was the presence of contradiction. Each of the 12 memes either provoked ideas of contradictions about monotheistic views of science and lived religion. Self-identified Atheists on this Facebook page point out those contradictions with logic, reasoning and a base of morality to under cut religious ideas (primarily Christian). The type of humor used throughout the meme samples I gathered used incongruous humor. This dissonance of the text and the image, lent the memes to evoke a sarcastic tone. I created the meme above because it broadly encompasses all three contradictions. It seemed that this Facebook group confronted loopholes in conversation that are normally brought up about religion. This group wants concrete justifications, and when those aren't given, they confront loopholes about religion through memes so that others in their community can identify with the frustrations they have with those who ascribe to a monotheistic religion. 

After careful consideration, this group did not necessarily seem to be against religion so much as those who were overtly religious. Spirituality was not attacked, however it was how people enacted their religious practices and blindly accepted what they were told by a contradictory God. 

Case study comparison

For this project, there were two Atheist Facebook pages that were studied, mine and Atheist Meme Base. Our findings were similar in that these Facebook groups used to contradictions to expose the incongruities in religion via text. For example, we both found that "Scumbag Advice God" was a meme that used God's prestige to undercut beliefs that he would ask Christians to have. Her Advice God memes looked primairly at teachings about The Sabbath (that one should not work), unconditional love through salvation, discussions of slavery. Atheists may argue that those arguments do not stand in present day. My advice God memes also looked at contradictions atheists feel that God makes such as, the similar messages God gives to the three different monotheistic religions — being the "Chosen one," or whose God will super cede all others at the end of time. (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) Many  of our memes painted God as a fear-inducing puppeteer trying to confuse or coerced people into believing something. Our memes also aligned with the idea that the biblical scripture or feelings about spirituality cannot trump logical reasoning. For example, Mariah looked at memes that fostered discussion about Noah's Ark and the "Great Flood" and I looked at people's belief of miracles. One difference about our case studies was our kinds of memes used. My memes were primarily common memes found such as demotivational posters and advice macros, like Advice God and Opinion puffin. Mariah used other animated photos where the text was not always aligned on the top and bottom of the image. 

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